Uninspired a few hours out….

Well, surgery will begin in about ten hours…or much later depending on how things are swingin’ at the hospital.  Nothing too profound to share at this point.  I’m not overly nervous or reflective.  I think the one thing that will take the most getting used to will be the inability to drink liquids quickly.  Sipping vs. guzzling…and there’s nothing like guzzling some water on these hot summer days.  I’m sure I’ll get used to it like anything else, but just for the hell of it I’m going to chug some water just before midnight (no liquids or anything after that).

 Dinner last night was kind of uneventful.  A few ravioli and some garlic bread.  I stuck with the “easily digestible” recommendation in the surgery checklist.  Light breakfast this morning, and then around 1pm this afternoon was my wonderful bottle of magnesium citrate.  That definitely gets the system moving….and then some.  SO I guess I’m going to get a few hours sleep and get to the hospital in the a.m.  I’ll be back to my rambling once I’m on a wonderful regimen of painkillers…….

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