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Got Home Tuesday Night…

Everything went really well, although I did underestimate the unpleasantness of a hospital stay of any length.  I won’t be able to write at length until the pain from the various incisions is more under control, but overall I’m very glad to be through the surgery and back home.  Most annoying thing about hospitals….being in intense pain and still having to move around despite being hooked up to a ton of different shit.  IV’s, catheter, drain tubes, pressure boots……I’m sure I’m leaving something out.  Thankfully I was pretty loopy for the first twenty or so hours after surgery, so a lot of it is just a blur.  The “swallow test” (insert joke here) that you have to do the day after surgery was probably the most annoying part of the process.  Basically they raise and lower you on an x-ray table and make you drink a nasty liquid that can be viewed on the monitor, to make sure your new plumbing is working correctly.  I have a huge problem with vertigo, so being on that table was far more agonizing than anything to do with the actual surgery.

 Not much to add about food at this point…I’m on a steady diet of water, sugar free jello, broth and protein drinks.  I haven’t gotten used to knowing “when I’m full” yet, but anything more than a swallow or so makes my stomach feel pretty tight.  Getting around is still kind of tough, even with the hydrocodone I’m taking.  There are a total of six or seven small incisions, the largest of which is of course causing me the most pain.  No sleeping on my side yet, which means I’m only getting twenty minutes of sleep at a time.  Getting up and down is a challenge, but nothing too dramatic. 

More updates later, I just wanted to get something written down since I got home almost 2 days ago.  Back to some major Netflix fun and the occasional shot of sweet pain medicine……

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