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Damn I’m Hungry…

I’m definitely looking forward to “egg day” tomorrow.  I’ll get a glorious egg for one of my meals (jello and broth for the other two), and in the following days I’ll swap out another egg for the liquids until I’m totally on protein.  Something curious has happened in the past day…I think it is a combination of lack of real nutrition and the lifelong ability to act on the urge to eat. Anyway, when I’m watching FoodTV or some of the food commercials I start getting really anxious and feel like I’m hungry.  THEN when I flip the channel and chill out for a few minutes I’m okay.  I’m sure there are doctors and psychologists that could speak to this much more effectively than me, but it’s interesting to see the whole Pavlovian thing happening post-surgery.  I don’t get depressed or upset that I can’t have the food, I just start thinking about my empty belly and the mind takes over.  I will be VERY interested to see if the same thing happens once I’m on a diet of solid proteins and am reaping the benefits of constant satiety.  One thing at a time…I don’t want to start lamenting a life of food obsession and obesity driven by the attachment to TV, I just want to make it to egg day so I can chew something.

 Other than that, I’m getting around much better. The pain meds still help a lot.  It’s still just the one incision site that is giving me the most trouble, but I’m getting around much better every day.  The most important thing for me has been to stick to a schedule of shaving, brushing my teeth, showering, changing my dressings and putting on totally fresh clothes every day.  It may sound like a small thing, but I’m just more focused once I’ve done the daily basics.  You know, focused on things like….which DVD do I watch next, which of these protein drinks tastes the LEAST shitty, were Bill Mahr and Bill O’Reilly separated at birth, how does Swanson get away with selling this beef “broth” when this “faincy” organic stuff is so much better…….all of the important issues.  I have had some friends stop by and visit, which has helped considerably.  

Off to watch The Black Sabbath Story, Volumes 1 and 2…….

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