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No big news over the last few days.  I’m officially off of the pain medicine as of two days ago, and even though there is occasional significant pain from the main incision I’ve been doing just fine.  FINALLY able to sort-of sleep on my sides, which has been significant.  Having to sleep on my back was driving me insane.  I’m getting around very well, spent part of today getting my stereo hooked back up….only to find out my crappy CD player needs replaced.

 Anyway, no sense in rambling, I was going to the movies this morning and slept in, so I’ll do my big post-surgery driving debut tomorrow morning when I go see Halloween and sneak into Death Sentence.  I guess the fact that there is NOTHING on the AMC concession menu I can eat is a financial blessing…I’ll have to go and pick up some fancy Fiji water beforehand to compensate.  As far as food, it has pretty much been cottage cheese, eggs, string cheese, and one piece of fish the other night.  I’m still struggling with feeling out what “full” feels like, but since I can only really have a few bites at a time I’m not lamenting the boring food choices yet.  The weather has really let up, so maybe I’ll go wild at some point and take the dog down to the riverwalk….

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