Grocery Shopping

Today was only the second time I’ve done it since returning from the hospital, but I have to say I’m really, really, really enjoying it so far.  Coming to the realization that I will only need a shopping basket instead of a cart on the majority of my trips was very surreal.  Unless I’m stocking up on charcoal, dog food, distilled water, etc., I’ll never need food in enough bulk to warrant a cart.  That was a great feeling, but the BEST part was shopping for meat and seafood with no consideration of the price.  Don’t get me wrong, I know it can’t be like that all the time (eggs, cottage cheese, etc. will still supplement the majority of my proteins), I’m not made of money, but shopping based solely upon what “sounds good” was an entirely new experience for me.  Three weeks ago it was all about bulk, so I HAD to be conscious of the price….but today I was all about some beautiful U-10 scallops, turbot and halibut.  Now, it’s not like the stuff was FREE, but a few scallops and two premium fish fillets with an average price of $18/lb still cost under $20 and will provide me with at least six meals.  Not bad.  If we had a Whole Paycheck or Wild Oats store closer to my house I’d start shopping there instead of the local Price Chopper.  I can’t wait to get down to the Asian grocery store in the river market later this week…they have an incredible seafood selection with great prices. 

Anyway, that was one of the major highlights of the day…. cheap (for me) premium eatin’!

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  1. moosnsqrl

    I just think of your life as an unending series of amuse bouches. I’m sure that is an over-simplification, but it is the only way I can wrap my brain around it. I expect you to become the king of the quintessential bite – and to share with your friends.

    Looking forward to when you work up to a tablespoon of wagyu and a thimbleful of killer red;-)

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