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Killing Time Before Top Chef…..

Today was my first day back to work.  I’ll be working from home part-time through next week.  I know, I know, I should have just taken the full four weeks off of work that my doctor approved, but I’d kick myself if I didn’t rush back as soon as possible to go buns-up for corporate wastemongers.  Totally different subject, but judging by today’s corporate culture this country is absolutely fucked.  That’s another rant for another day, but the inefficiency it takes to do everything “on the cheap” has to hit critical mass at some point.

As far as the new lifestyle goes, those damn people in the bariatric program were right AGAIN.  “Be careful when introducing new foods…”…. yeah yeah, whatever…..it’s not like I’ve been shoving 3oz hunks of breakfast sausage into my gaping maw, all I did was try rotisserie style turkey breast yesterday.  Apparently, as they stated a hundred times during my pre-op education, the new stomach pouch and entrance into the intestine are very sensitive.  The difference in texture (and I’m assuming this is the issue, it’s the one variable that has changed) between thinly sliced deli turkey breast and roasted turkey breast was like going from silk to sandpaper as far as my new gut was concerned.  Compound that with the slight acidity of my diluted Crystal Lite raspberry lemonade and I worked up some annoying irritation.  No biggie, I’m going to switch back to plain water and my softer proteins for a few days….lesson learned.  I guess this means hot wings and ABT’s will have to wait a little while longer….

For better or worse, I’ve been getting back in touch with my lunchbox collection.  A few visitors have all commented on its 70’s awesomeness recently, and that has inspired me to scan eBay every night to see what’s for sale.  I’m really surprised how the prices have risen in the five or so years since I’ve shopped for them.  The average price used to be around twenty five dollars for the 70’s basics (Welcome Back Kotter, Emergency, etc.), but most of the boxes I don’t own and still want (Family Affair, Flying Nun, Land of the Lost, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters…the list goes on forever) are going for fifty dollars and up now.   I don’t have the expendable income to boost my collection with the important boxes right now, but I DID score a Hair Bear Bunch lunchbox tonight for fifteen dollars shipped.   Some bastard outbid me on a Buck Rogers box at the last minute, but they are a dime a dozen…..unlike Flipper and The Munsters, which don’t come up that often for under $100.

Well, it’s almost time for Top Chef.  What in the hell was with the rerun of the Season 1 and Season 2 challenge last week?  With Tre gone, I think it’s going to be reality programming high drama for the rest of this season.  I really don’t care who wins now, but I do wish Howie would go back to his spot under a bridge waiting for goats. 

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