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The Meat Locker…

NOT the name of a local bar that will continue the theme of my last post…….. actually, yesterday I went up to Paradise Meats in Trimble, Missouri with a friend of mine.  The only butchers we have around the Parkville area (unless someone can correct me here) are at the big grocery stores…..Price Chopper, Hy-Vee and  Hen House.  Hen House probably has about the best quality, but you never know if you’ll have someone at the counter who knows a ribeye from a rumproast, so yesterday was a carnivore’s dream.  Paradise Meats is great……fantastic selection and a VERY friendly and helpful lady at the counter whose motto seemed to be “if we don’t have it here we can most likely get it pretty quickly”.  

Until now I was only able to find Wagyu beef online, and of course that is just priced out of the stratosphere once you add on shipping.  There was one butcher out off of 119th in Overland Park that stocked some, but he was such a complete TOOL about his “Kobe” beef (“this is NOT Wagyu, this is KOBE BEEF! BIG DIFFERENCE!”) that we gave him the finger and handed him back to the tanorexic soccer moms who probably still knew more about meat than he did.  Anyway, Paradise Meats has a good selection of Wagyu cuts.  I didn’t want to spend TOO much money during my first trip since it’s only thirty minutes down the road from me, so I got a couple of pounds of Wagyu flatiron.  They also have some really nice Piedmontese beef in stock, so I got one filet.  Oh, also a pack of Wagyu hot dogs for the hell of it. My friend ended up with some pork chops, lamb ribs, and ten pounds of beef bones for stock.  That’s the cool thing about the store…..if you don’t see it just ask.  With notice they can make sure they have stuff like Wagyu shortribs in stock for you, or maybe you have a hankering for a few veal t-bones.  I should note that not everything in the place is foo-foo beef for people crazy enough to pay $20+/lb, one thing that really stuck out is their selection of Heritage Farms pork…..way higher quality and a lower price than what you’ll find in any local stores.  When it comes time for a serious BBQ, I will be back there for ribs and butt.  And if you want buffalo, elk, venison or game………….you know the drill, get your ass to Trimble.  Thirty minutes or not, that’s my new butcher.

We also hit the two major Asian markets in the River Market.  They were pretty packed since it was Saturday, especially Chinatown Market. I picked up some more shortribs to keep in the freezer till it gets cold, and some sesame oil.  This was my first visit to the “new” Asian megamart, and it really is so much brighter and cleaner with wider aisles that I think they must be close to changing the name of the store to “White Loft-Dwellers, Do Not Fear Us!”. 

Anyhooo…..Now to the EATING of the prized beef………  I did the math, and I can pretty much eat Wagyu beef for approximately $5 per meal.  I don’t want to eat red meat every day or anything, but it’s good to know that when I do indulge NOW I can only eat an amount that will never break the bank.  Thinking back to the days of the 20 oz. steaks is pretty hilarious, because yesterday I portioned out that one 8.5 oz. filet into three pieces and have enjoyed two amazing meals so far.  A sprinkle of kosher salt, seared for sixty seconds on each side in a ripping hot cast iron pan, and that’s that.  This is meat that you don’t mind chewing to “baby food consistency” (a post-surgery commandment). 

And tonight my friends is a very special night………. it is the season finale of Bret Michaels Rock of Love AND the season premiere of Dexter.   And the Chiefs are playing at 3pm, so I can do a late-day shopping excursion to a completely empty grocery store.  Things are good……


 Oh man, what an emotional rollercoaster ride…..but in the end Mr. Michaels proved to the world that he truly possesses the wisdom of Solomon.  I know that I’ve always said that Six Feet Under is my favorite television program in history, and of course there is Deadwood, The Office, and a few other spectacular programs I care about.  BUT they are all just fiction, created in the minds of writers and they don’t really give us anything to model our lives after.  THAT is what makes “Rock of Love” such an important program……its relevance and importance to our modern society.  It’s real life, unscripted, and we are fortunate to have a peek into the life of Bret Michaels (aka GOD).  I’m sure most of you have been losing a lot of sleep over the past few weeks along with me……going into tonight it was TORTURE……will he pick the 80’s haired burned out stripper and all of her redeeming qualities, or will he go with the young hottie who can pose as his daughter if things don’t work out between them?  Well, tonight when he posed the final question…..I knew what he was up to!  And the stripper took the bait!  Bret my man, you surely lucked out in that situation…..and good call showing her meltdown in the car afterwards with her loud lamentations over having your name tattooed on her neck.  You dodged one very scary and Aquanetted nightmare!  You will always have my support as well as anyone who calls themself a human being, and if she can’t take a joke with the whole tattoo thing after being dumped, then the hell with her.  I can barely wait for the reunion show next week! 

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