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Temporary Vegetarian…

Not really….I can’t think of anything that will force me to forsake foie gras, veal, shortribs, roasted chicken, pork shoulder….but for RIGHT NOW I’m finding that the texture of some meats will upset my stomach some of the time.  Nothing serious, it’s more like feeling full after one bite because the new stomach is still healing.  I know there are a lot of privileged white people who will say this is evidence that vegetarianism is the way to go, but instead of siding with the fundamentalists I’ll stick with the rule of moderation. 

For my proteins I was already eating beans and blackeyed peas, but over the weekend I added tofu to my repertoire.  I was wondering about the best way to prepare it for the first run, and happened to catch a tofu episode of Good Eats.  I cut some extra firm tofu into about five pieces, pressed it to get out some moisture, marinated it in worchestershire and a little garlic powder, dipped it in flour and egg, then quickly pan fried it.  I’ll definitely keep experimenting with different preparations that will impart plenty of flavor, but so far I’m really liking the cost, versatility and “digestability”.  This weekend I might try to use it in a batch of green chili. 

The other easier-to-digest joy I’ve discovered really lends itself to my crazy foodie nature……..cheese!  I’ve always loved cheese, but it has always been an incidental addition to my diet…..either used in a recipe, something to impress a date, or included in a tasting menu.  A few days ago a lightbulb went on in my head as I was thinking about getting enough protein into my diet.  I was passing by the meager cheese selection at the grocery store, looking at the mozzarella balls that were on sale, when I spied some wedges of Maytag blue.  Protein…check.  Tons of flavor…..check.  Satisfying in small amounts…..check.  Fun to research and experiment like wine would be if I could drink it…….CHECK!  Since I can only eat small amounts (ever try eating three straight ounces of Maytag?) anyway this is something I can’t go broke on, and it will be fun to visit various cheese counters across town.  I’ll try to get down to the Better Cheddar this weekend and have them help me put a tasting plan together. 

Back to class this week, so lots of homework to complete beforehand…..

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