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The Two Month Checkup

So today was my two month post-surgery trip to the doctor.  I’ve been feeling great and doing very well, and today the doctor confirmed it……..all of my labs came in looking good and I’m down a total of fifty pounds since surgery.  I really had no idea how much I should have lost by now, so it was good to know that I was “normal” in that regard.  My exercise regimen does need some improvement, I’d like to be out walking six days per week and I know I can make the time. Overall I’m very excited to have lost this much this quickly, and to officially be off of all blood pressure medication already.  I’d say after another twenty pounds or so I’ll be back into all of my old 2x pants and shirts, BUT most of that is summer stuff so I’ll have to break down and buy some new clothes.  Not that I’m complaining, it would just be nice if they had a big and tall rent-a-center.

 One thing I did spend some time talking to my doctor about (besides the fact that his assistant has the same name as an old friend of mine who killed two other friends of mine in a nightmare triangle gone bad when I was in high school) was the new importance I’ve placed on “flavor”.  Prior to surgery, meaning my entire life, nothing was as important as volume.  Flavor, without exception, was secondary.  When dining in restaurants, the size of entrees was always the first thing on my mind…..when shopping in grocery stores I would buy lower quality ingredients to allow for higher volume unless I was cooking for someone else or trying out a recipe.  Getting full and staying full was always the goal.  It seems so weird to experience the beginnings of such a major paradigm shift….it’s something I don’t really have my mind around yet but will elaborate as I feel the urge.  Basically, now that I can only have four or five real bites of food, I’m picky about what I want for the first time in my life.  Until recently I’ve had no concept of what people meant when they say that….or how people would keep tasty food in the house without steamrolling through all of it…..and how does food stay in the fridge or cabinet long enough to be forgotten about or go bad?  So the thing now will be to mentally and emotionally work through the aftermath of all that obsession and compulsion without driving myself nuts. 

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