Quick update on getting full…..

Just a quick comment while I’m thinking about it…….  yesterday I went to Dean and Deluca during lunch to look at their cheese selection and pick up a couple of kinds to have for the weekend.  For the record they are very friendly and eager to give you samples of whatever you’d like.  I was wanting a blue that wasn’t as insane as a Spanish one I sampled last week, and a triple cream I hadn’t tried.  The girl at the counter gave me a sample of Roaring 40’s blue and Brillat Savarin.  I didn’t think anything of it at first, but the samples she handed me were both on small pieces of bread.  I was apprehensive at first, the most I ever eat with my cheese now would be a couple of almonds or olives, but I didn’t want to be rude and went with it.  The two bites of bread went down and stayed down just fine, but when I got back to the office to eat my lunch I realized how much room that tiny bit of bread had taken up.  It was impossible to have more than a bite or two of my tofu chili without feeling like I was pushing the limit.  In a way it was a nice reminder, because some days I feel like can eat more, and there is a constant paranoia about stretching the stomach.  Having two extra bites of something I shouldn’t have eaten ruin my lunch was a really good thing to have happen.  I do like having cheese about three times a week because an amount that would be a fraction of a cheese plate at a restaurant serves as a really flavorful and simple meal.  The rest of the time I’m generally eating tofu, which has come to be a best friend.  Sooo…..the two books I’m reading right now are Steven Jenkins “Cheese Primer” and “The Giant Book of Tofu Cooking”…..both great reads and very helpful.

So there you have it, an enthralling tale of bread eating….. 

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