And the verdict is in…

I finally got a decent bathroom scale today so that I don’t have to depend on the one at the doc, and I’m down a total of 70lbs in just under three months.  I have to say I’m pretty happy, and totally surprised how quickly the weight comes off. 

Only other thing right now is that I was feeling sick earlier this week and sat around paranoid for two days thinking it was surgery/weight related.  It ended up being nothing more than a cold, which I realized when I got a slight temperature and my nose started running.  Oh well, hopefully I’ll get better at diagnosing my ailments going forward.

 Should be a busy weekend…..I’ve got a ton of homework (including my thesis, which is due before Dec. 14th), and a lot of new movies are out that I haven’t seen yet.   Will see how to split my time between two very important things…….

 And since this is such a short update, I’ll leave you with a joke that I made up:

What are the three worst words to hear while you are having sex?

“Mom, I’m gay.”

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