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So this guy is buying a case of Silver Oak…

And he was doing it right in front of me at Red-X this morning.  All I could think about was…if I had the money to drop on a case of WAY over-hyped cabernet, I wouldn’t even know where to start.  There’s so much good wine out there for a lot less money, but I guess if you’re giving gifts to your other rich friends who don’t know much about wine there is always that big “SILVER OAK” brand name recognition to fall back on.  If you are reading this and are planning to purchase a case of Silver Oak, let me know and for the rock-bottom price of one bottle per case I’ll point you toward purchases that don’t represent a one dimensional “Celine Dion” of wines.  Who really knows what people with money are thinking?  I guess it’s like buying a Rolex or an Escalade……just because you have money doesn’t mean you have taste.  Like Steve Martin in The Jerk…..”go back there and get us some FRESH wine!”. 

 So anyway, my meager purchases included a whopping PINT of Bushmill’s that I’ll have a few sips of tomorrow night.  My capstone project is turned in, my last class for the semester is tonight, and I’m on vacation from tomorrow until the day after Christmas.  I figure I can really kick back and have a couple of drinks without screwing myself up too badly.  I met up with some friends last night down at the Power Plant Brewery and learned a couple of valuable lessons.  First of all, there probably won’t be any beer in my future.  I could barely finish a little over a pint in over an hour, so with all of the calories it’s just not worth drinking.  Second, pub food is, for the most part, swill to me now.  I ate about four bites of a chicken pot pie, and that was just to dig what little protein I could out of the thing.  Normally I would have wolfed it down with glee, but so much has changed in the months since surgery that I have to continue to re-evaluate which foods are worth my time when I’m not eating at home.  None of the food that the other guys got looked good to me either.  Honestly, I don’t really feel sad about it or left out, it actually takes some pressure off of me now that I have set parameters and don’t have to worry so much about what restaurant dishes will be big enough to fill me up.  I’ll still go out to eat with family and friends, but when I’M the one choosing a meal I’ll stick with quality.  The last time I lost a significant amount of weight I was all about “paying twice as much money for half as much food”, and now I can really live that mantra without dealing with the constant hunger.  Plus, when was the last time I bought a single pint of ANYTHING without the intent of downing it in a couple of slugs as a mere alcoholic aperitif?  It’s definitely a weird transition for me, but I passed the 80 pound mark this week so no complaints here. 

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