Daily Archives: March 5, 2008


 I’m in the middle of reconstructing a truly inspired post after a heartbreaking computer/site crash yesterday, but in the meantime I want to communicate something that is truly significant….

I am officially adding a new person to my current lineup of “Ultimate Dream Women on Earth”.  Of course, some of them are way too young, and all of them are insanely out of reach…..however, they do represent a very specific type of woman that has a combination of looks, body of work, sex appeal, looks, eccentricity, and a certain “I don’t know what”. 

 Until now the list has included Kate Winslet (edited to add: not the skinny Winslet…I’m talking about the Quills/Holy Smoke version) , Zooey Deschanel, Thora Birch (the Ghost World version) and Rachael Leigh Cook (edited to add: Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill).  Again, go to hell if you’re simply going to call me out on the age difference thing, this is my world.

So the newest addition to this illustrious group is:  Amanda Palmer from The Dresden Dolls.  I am assuming no explanation is needed.

 Obviously, Kim Shattuck from the band The Muffs trumps all of the aforementioned ladies, but that just goes without saying.

 That is all.


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