Last Night of Class…

This is a true milestone……last Tuesday night was my very LAST night of class.  I realize what a slacker I have been getting any new posts up, but I have a very good excuse……I’m lazy.  I am also having a more difficult time than I thought I would adjusting to post-school life.  I’m the kind of person who has to have way too much going on in order to function properly, because when I only really have work and maybe some golf or opera lessons to worry about I tend to be completely lethargic and I procrastinate like a sumbitch.  If I’m not involved with some task that is making me wonder why in the hell I have anything to do with it in the first place, I withdraw from society completely.  So last Tueday was my real last night of class, and the past several weeks have been torture since I already walked last month (this class was a make-up for what I missed for surgery).  When I think about it, I guess I’ve been in school full time for nearly the past five years.  As soon as I found out about the SWEET tuition policy at my company I went straight into finishing my undergrad and went straight from THAT into grad school.  It has been a busy few years, and now there is no school to constantly worry about and dread.  Sure, I could start applying for PhD programs, and I may do that, but that is a pretty big goddamn commitment.  I don’t know if I have it in me right now.

So I guess when I’m not overly busy, I have no angst, and when I have no angst I am one shitty blogger.  Today I’ve started the “5 Day Pouch Test” that I found on Kaye Bailey’s site months ago, as a way to detox and get a fresh start after so much crazy living over the past month.  Thankfully I haven’t gained any weight, but man have I really been shooting for the moon lately with graduation, the wedding and the DC trip.  The pouch test is just way to get back into the mode you were in right after surgery.  Two days of liquid proteins, clear liquids, and then you incorporate different proteins into your diet for the three days after that.  It’s a good way to clean the carbs out of your system and tighten up the new stomach.  For me it will be a nice way to deal with my downtime and not start obsessing over food since I don’t have a whole hell of a lot going on. 

Lastly, my next big trip is going to be Nashville the weekend of July 11th for a pretty over the top wine event and auction.  I could normally never afford to attend an event like this, but I’m lucky enough to have an insider in the family, so that will be one hell of a weekend.  I even have to go and buy a damn tuxedo.  With all of the good wine in mind, last week I spent a Red-X gift card on a few bottles that I drank over a couple of days after I finished my last night of class.  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate an accomplishment like finishing grad school than some good wines.  So here are some notes and thoughts on those  (and no, I am not nearly as good at talking about wine as I am food)…..

Le Volte, 2006, $22

This is a medium bodied Tuscan wine, bottled by Ornellaia (of mega-$$ Super Tuscan fame).  And HERE is why (other than Cellar Rat) Red-X is the ONLY wine store for me in Kansas City.  Last week was the second time in a row I went in there ready to spend x-amount of money, and they talked me into a cheaper option.  I had a very nice gift card and reason to celebrate, so I asked if they could recommend something from Piedmont in the 60ish dollar range that was drinkable now (dumb question, I know).  After perusing the Barolo’s and Amarone’s, the guy said they’d all be a little too tight and would need to be held for a few years yet, BUT here was this really decent Tuscan wine for $22 that I’d really like.  That was the second time in two visits where one of the staff told me about a cheaper option than what I was looking for, and while it was no Piedmontese tannin-bomb I did enjoy it quite a bit.  I actually tried it a little over ten years ago and remember enjoying it back then. Very, very smooth and fruity, slightly acidic. 


Adelsheim Pinot Noir, 2006 Willamette Valley, ~$26.00

Okay, the only reason I got this wine (besides the fact that the guy at Red-X saved me a lot of money on that bottle of Le Volte) is because I loved the Adelsheim Rose at Cafe Atlantico/minibar so much.  So what the hell?  I love a good Pinot, and this may not be at the VERY top of my list but it was still pretty good.  A light amount of spice, a very slight tannic pucker to it, some peppery flavors on the front, and a floral/fruit finish. 


K Vintner’s “The Boy”, Walla Walla Valley 2006, $35

This is a wine from K Vintners that I have not tried yet.  Other than “The Creator” I think I’ve tried them all.  I love these guys, especially their House Wine from the “Magnificent Wine Company”, which is arguably one of the best under-$10 bottles out there.  You have to love the label, and the quote on the back of the bottle from Serge Gainsbourg that says “I’m the boy who can enjoy invisibility”.  It’s a 94% Grenache, 6% Syrah mix, and I just had to try it out.  THIS was a very, very pleasant surprise.  Even though I’m sure it would have benefitted from another year or two on the shelf, it was the best $35 I’ve spent on wine in a very long time.  I highly recommend it if you can find it locally.  Full bodied with that very specific flavor I think of as “swiss cheese” on the front end, then very rich and dark with earth, tobacco and musky almost overripe fruit.  If I had the money to make this an “everyday” wine, I’d buy it by the case.

So that’s about it for now. No big excitement for the past few days, but the C.H.U.D. is coming to town in a couple of weeks and then I’m off to Nashville.  Will post something later this week or this weekend to talk about my progress with the 5 day pouch test……


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3 responses to “Last Night of Class…

  1. none of you damn business

    You’re even more boring than I thought.

  2. Beatrice Nakamov III

    What is this thing, this C.H.U.D. of which you speak?

  3. zeemanb

    none of you damn business- That is some impressive detective work. You are correct. I am definitely boring.

    BN- For the sake of research, you may want to watch the movie C.H.U.D. They are cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers, and they are as dangerous as they sound.

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