Too busy to freak out yet…

I’ve got too much shit going on to worry too much about surgery on the 20th.  My girlfriend is moving out, I’m drowning in schoolwork with my last psych paper and my literature review for my capstone due next week, I’ve still got about five thousand different doctor appointments in preparation for the gastric bypass, work has reached a new level of organizational absurdity…..and I’m still trying to map out the last few good meals I’ll have before I go under the knife (or tube, camera, laser, whatever the hell they use now).   

August 14th is “The Last Supper” at Bluestem.  I’ll have other meals after that, but it will serve as my last bit of fine dining for at least six months or so.  And even then I’ll have extremely limited stomach capacity…time to start inquiring about amuse bouche tasting menus I guess.   

Anyway, more later.  I’ll update when I’m not this boring. 

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