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  1. moosnsqrl

    Just wanted you to know we’re thinking about you this morning. Actually, we were placing bets on whether you wussed-out over having to drink the “kool-aid;” I said yes and Nick said no. There’s an urgently fresh Campo Lindo egg on the line, so please let us know as soon as you read this;-P

  2. zeemanb

    Eggs are in the fridge! I’m so looking forward to that big half-an-egg I’ll be able to choke down on Monday morning. As far as the kool-aid, I downed it pretty quickly. Three hours later I was wondering when anything would actually happen, and then ka-BOOM….it was like a really noisy episode of South Park for the next five or so hours.

  3. Hi, I think your blog is terrific — I would like to feature you on Wellsphere. Would you drop me an email?

    Cheers, Geoff

    Geoffrey W. Rutledge, MD, PhD

  4. hey jerry,

    i lost your phone/email stuff in a data rapture. hook me up (& delete this reply from you blog if you want).

    btw, you are sick man. very very sick.
    you’re lack of consistent blogging is almost as lame as mine…and using your dog’s voice to embellish pseudo creativity – totally weak.

  5. bestbyfarr

    Noticed you are a fan of foie, if you want to give a torchon a try yourself here is a play by play. Thanks for the blog, Ryan


  6. SmokeCheck

    Zee! Great blog man!!! I almost missed the link on your post…and I want some scalps too!

    • zeemanb

      Thanks man, it has been a labor of love! But I do love this internet thing….I can say whatever the hell I want and there are at least three or four people in the world who feel entertained.

      Oh man……leaving work early on August 21st to see that movie……

  7. dhoffman

    Zee! Love the writing, within the first paragraph I was like…I know who wrote this! Good on you for taking the bull by the horns. Keep up the writing. Sort of Bourdain-like in a way.

  8. zeemanb

    Oh man! Praise from Caesar, lol! If you get some time, go back and read various posts….there are a lot of them that I’m pretty proud of, lots of madness and humor, and it is definitely a work in progress. Trying to figure out how to frame the next post….which includes marriage and all that jazz……..I know, I gave up on gay marriage being legalized so I went out and found a chick……

  9. cwonder

    Jerry Jerry! Dave sent me your link….love what I’ve read so far….you are a maniac..love it 🙂

    Cortney aka cwonder aka Lady G.

    • zeemanb

      Hey Cort, thanks for stopping in here! The blog has seen some major life changes, but there is still some good entertainment….some greatest hits are “Best Saturday Ever”, “How the Damn Gays are Ruining America”, and anything my fundamentalist dog writes. Have fun looking around, I’ll be sure and stop by your blog. Take care!

  10. Bikertee

    Hey Gerry, long time no read, just got back onto your site after long pause, it’s still as good as ever and I really enjoy your american humour from over here on the other side of the pond. Nice to see you’re still on here putting the world to rights, and your famed soup sounds lovely. I shall have a titter now catching up on the many months of posts I’ve missed 🙂

    • zeemanb

      Hey, great to have you back! Lots of new stuff in the past year for sure…..marriage, detox, no job, new job….things are starting to level out, so without the highs and lows I pretty much write whenever I get some introspective or blasphemous thoughts that grab my attention. Hope all is well with you over there, let those BP execs know they can come and pick up some of this oil anytime, lol!


  11. Anonymous

    i read your article about the 16 people supposedly raised from the dead and really enjoyed it, so i stalked your site a bit and was loving it, then i read your “about me” and i thought it was endearing and funny, that was until i read the bit where you wished rape on people. rape is NEVER funny, you’re obviously a chauvinistic fat male pig, who has no concept of what the word rape actually means and the way it destroys lives all over the world. you might be able to get gastric bypass surgery to cure your obesity, but there is no surgery that will fix the fact you are an ignorant ass. you just lost a reader.

    • zeemanb

      Well, thanks for reading as much as you did and for taking the time to comment. I get way more traffic than actual comments, so it’s appreciated. I use the word “rape” in my About page for the specific reason that it is the one word that “crosses the line” with most people. The reaction you had is the reason why it’s there….if THAT freaks you out, you probably aren’t going to like the blog. Then again, if you don’t read more of my blog you won’t ever get how I play with language and how the “you should be raped” guy is a completely messed up part of my character that isn’t an accurate representation of the whole. Everyone has a trigger that sets them off…..rape, AIDS, mental retardation, 9/11, so I hear what you’re saying and I’m obviously not “pro-rape”. Everybody likes the edgy humor until it bumps up against something they think is “the line”. So I’m totally cool with being the creepy, rapey, ingorant fat ass chauvinist for you, because I got a reaction. Weird you didn’t zero in on the JonBenet thing though….that is creepy as HELL. Eeeek! He’s into child pageant celebrities! Look out!

  12. Trev

    Great blog, I just started reading but I’ll keep at it until I either have a nervous breakdown or get hungry from the food pics. I loved the response from ‘Anonymous’ a couple posts up. What kind of a chickenshit pickle uses ‘anonymous’ anyways? I can see how you get a kick out of that kind of thing. Keep up the wordsmithing, some of us are bored as hell and need stuff to read.

    • zeemanb

      Thanks man! I’m always happy when someone new stops by and gets sucked in. I get so few hate comments that I’m even happy when an Anonymous person hammers me….you’d think with all of the religious yammering I’d get more of that, lol. Love it when people cannot read anything in context. Anyway, I’m going to post something in the next couple of days that links over to the eG blog, and in it I’ll re-write one passage from from the G-rated food blog with the necessary profanity and rambling.

      Thanks for the comment, I do appreciate it!


  13. hey, old friend. you.still.rock. You blow life into everything you touch. i enjoy your company and respect your thoughts.
    miriam bialik van wees

    • zeemanb

      Hi there, American-African! I appreciate the feedback, it means a lot. If I’m going to live anonymously in the quotidien, gotta find a way to express myself. If you have time to skip back a few years in the blog (when I was still drinking), I promise you will find some evangelical hilarity…

      Great to hear from you! You and the family take care!

  14. thelisakerr

    Just found your blog! It looks great. 🙂 Hope you keep posting.

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